Elite Plush Mattress Set

Elite Plush Mattress Set

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 Genuine Amish-Made Mattresses

Made by the finest to rank among the best in the world, this Amish mattress comes to you with superb quality, durability, and attractiveness, in addition to an amazing warranty.


Two-Sided Design:  Using only high-quality components, this mattress is two-sided, so it can be flipped to use both sides for extra longevity.

Elite Mattress Set Specifications
INNERSPRING: 12.5 gauge
EDGE SUPPORT: Double Edge Guard Wire Side Supports
INSULATION: 4-Part Insulator
PADDING: Urethane Foam per Side
COVER: 1.8 wt. Foam Quilted to FR Rayon Fiber
HEIGHT: 12" Plush
WARRANTY: 20 year (10 years non-prorated)